Let's see what the depress-o-matic has for us today ...

So, where does issue #3 of Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles fall in the grand scheme of comic books sold during the month of November? Well, in an awfully abysmal spot, of course, as has been the trend. From Comicon Pulse's DC Comics Month-To-Month Sales: November 2005, by Marc-Oliver Frisch.

(170) ROBOTECH (WildStorm)
10/2003: Robotech: Love & War #6 (of 6) -- 16,608
10/2005: Robotech: Prelude to Shadow Chronicles #1 (of 5) -- 11,735
10/2005: Robotech: Prelude to Shadow Chronicles #2 (of 5) -- 10,811 (-7.9%)
11/2005: Robotech: Prelude to Shadow Chronicles #3 (of 5) -- 9,837 (-9.0%)
2 years : -40.8%

Not impressive by any stretch.

Frisch reports that the average of sales across the WildStorm line was 16,255. Prelude was fourteenth out of the sixteen WildStorm titles published in November, beating only the poor-selling Winter Men, about Soviet super-powered soldiers left behind after the fall of the Soviet Union, and ABC A to Z, a guide to Alan Moore's all but defunct "America's Best Comics" line.

So, um, yeah. That's not good. Doesn't bode well for the future of Robotech comics, at least not at DC ...


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