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This is probably the only posting I'm going to get done today -- didn't get any work on Emissaries done on the 3rd, so tonight's going to be all Emissaries, all the time.

Now, apparently the Robotech 20th Anniversary Soundtrack started shipping yesterday; the tracks added on top of the material available on the 10th Anniversary Soundtrack have been available to sample for a while. I know Tom Bateman & Co. have managed to cram as much onto these discs as the Redbook CD format will allow. My question to all of you out there in Interweb Robo-Land is, what's still been left out?

Off the top of my head, I can think of two tracks. First is the Sentinels musical cue when Max Sterling and Karen Penn attempt the trans-docking maneuver. Yeah, I know, it's Sentinels synth stuff -- but still, that's a cue I kind of like. The second is the Lynn Minmei version of "The Way To Love," which you can hear in the Sentinels video faintly in the background when Jack Baker is taking his exam and gets his invitation to Rick & Lisa's wedding and the SDF-3 mission. Seriously, turn up the volume there and listen -- it's there. Honestly, as far as Reba West Minmei songs go I'm happy to have "The Right Move" instead (you never hear more than a couple of lines of that one in the show, and the Lancer version of "The Way To Love" is better anyway), but it's still a still-"lost" track.

So, honestly, any other cues you can think of? Any at all?


  • I'm guessing still no Movie/Sentinels version of the theme song?

    I'd love for a good copy of that agian.

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 04 January, 2006 04:08  

  • D'oh! A totally obvious one I completely forgot ... *slaps forehead*

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 04 January, 2006 13:47  

  • I'd say there's plenty that's been left out . . . that's why I'm pretty disappointed with this new release.

    Legioss made a good list of what's missing, in this thread:

    I'll just add that according to Carl Macek in Art 3, a whole library of music was composed and completed for Sentinels before it got cancelled. So there's still a lot of "lost" music we've never even heard yet.

    By Anonymous redrain85, at 04 January, 2006 14:07  

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