Rambling Man (Part 2)

Well, here's the episode of RDF Underground with the rest of Lt. Tylor's interview with me, presumably complete with my, "Err, um, geez, closing remarks? Uhh ..." descent into babbling nonsense. Honestly, I really wanted to finish off with a remark combatting the overly cynical atmosphere that's risen within many of your long-time members of the on-line Robotech fan community (see: my old pals at the RDF-HQ board), but as the words escaped my lips, well, they came out to my ears as pro-HG propogandist gobbledeygook. Ah well, at least my intentions were good ...

If you listen to any of the interview stuff and have any follow-up questions, please deposit them in the comments thread and I'll get to them as soon as I can; in the meantime, it's back to working on Emissaries for me.


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