Emissaries update - Four pages down ...

... and who knows how many to go?

No, really, I have no clue. Everything in the 'zine is something I wrote from scratch, because I think I've still only received, like, one page of content. I don't even know what recurring features are finally going to run when I actually have to say, "OK, I'm marching this sucker down to the printer RIGHT NOW, so what you've sent, that's IT."

And of course, as things happen in the coming week-or-so's time, those pages I've got done may still change. C'mon, Tommy, you've got AX coming up ... you can save any and all shiny new ROBOTECH news 'til then, right? ^_^

But it's a good feeling to have at least some of this issue finally under my belt. I really want to have it done at the beginning of next week so that I can sling a nice stack of copies into my book bag and hand them out like candy at Anime Expo. Sure, that approach didn't work last year, but hey, you never know -- for however many copies I pass out, I could get SOMEONE interested in joining up and contributing. (C'mon, guys -- let me dream!)

Like I said, still slight on submissions (HA, understatement, FUNNY!), but I've been lighting fires under a few people's butts so that this issue doesn't come out reading like the print version of this blog. If it comes to that ... well ... what'd be the point THEN, y'know? Old time's sake? Ugh.


  • Thanks for all your hard work. I tried to do a fanzine back in the 90s and it all fell apart. Even after all the flyers left at cons, I still didn't get many submissions. And life started getting in the way of Robotech for the first time back then. I just want to say "Thank you", from one person who tried the zine thing to someone who is actually doing it.

    --Admiral DMC McKeever

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 June, 2006 06:54  

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