Not the post I'd planned for today, but ...

... man I'm beat. Tomorrow, real content. Today, well ... I hope this amuses you for a minute or two.

You see, today's been a little busier than usual. My parents are having company at the end of the week, so my mom's been seriously trying to tidy up, or as my sister and I like to put it, "lie to guests about how the house looks." The upper bound of my participation has been my mom dragging me over to pick up these piles of things I've left over there over the past few years. Now it's only about five blocks away, so it's not that bad actually moving all this stuff, but I'm looking at all this going, "Do I have anywhere to PUT all this stuff?" And the answer to that question is, "No, not really."

One of these items was a gift from my pal Derick from maybe two or three summers ago. I will preface the revelation of this item by saying, I love kitchy knick-knacks based on more-or-less serious franchises. It's why I have a long-standing desire for an original Clover die-cast Gundam toy; it's just so wrong and so brilliantly toyetic. It's why I still harbor some affection for the big plasticy Matchbox VF-1S, less so the modern high detail, streamlined Japanese toys. I look through the merchandise from "other companies" at and, whenever it really is ROBOTECH merchandise and not just some cheap plastic robot crap with the logo slapped on it, I go, "Y'know, I think I want one of those. I think that'd be fun to have."

This is coming from a man whose front door looks like this:

So of course the idea of a ROBOTECH stamp set brings a big goofy grin to my face. I'd use it to grade papers and such. "You got everything right. Here's a Battloid head!" Wouldn't that be great?

Anyway, the particular ROBOTECH-related knick-knack that Derick delivered unto me was this baby right here:

That's right, a colorful vintage Macross kite -- you can't see it, but the crossbar is made of wood, so you know it's gotta be old. And as I always operate from the perspective of, "this was made to be played with, not to gather dust in an old man's dusty collection" it's very nearly ready to fly at this point -- all I've gotta do is attach the string and pick a windy day and I can fly this sucker out at the park. That's definitely on the to-do list ... along with finishing up that content for tomorrow and getting Emissaries done and twenty other things I'd like to have behind me before AnimeExpo.


More later.


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