An Emissaries interview with Ford Riley

(Image snatched from's AnimeExpo 2005/Robocon 20 coverage.)

Last week I had the opportunity to talk by phone to Ford Riley, who wrote the script for Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. The full text of the interview will appear in the next issue of Emissaries -- available by the end of the month (fingers crossed) -- but I picked out eleven minutes worth of material to share with you all right now. Take a listen.

MP3 File


  • Again a great job, looking forward to the rest. ...yea I scribed today.

    By Anonymous Odyn, at 15 June, 2006 20:26  

  • Very interesting. Thank you for posting this.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 June, 2006 12:05  

  • IIRC, Lisa Hayes-Hunter showed up in the Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles comic book mini-series, but it's unfair that she didn't show up in the SC movie at all.

    By Blogger Adm. Lisa-Hayes Hunter, at 21 June, 2006 10:41  

  • Yes, Callie, you are absolutely right

    You see, this is the confusing thing for me ... Lisa shows up in Prelude all the way through, and the way it's written she's, like, on the bridge of the SDF-3 during that final crucial moment, so how in the HELL are they going to dance around this in the movie without just flat-out contradicting the comic series? And since the comic series came LATER you'd think somebody would have DONE something about it -- geez, wasn't that the point of her resigning from the REF?!


    As an aside, I betcha anything she at least shows up in photographs, or appears unnamed in the animation. That would explain why she gets a new character design in Prelude while other Macross Saga stalwarts get shown at odd angles or are only mentioned in passing. You read Prelude -- I'm sure you realize that they could have shoved Lisa off-camera if they really wanted to ...

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 21 June, 2006 16:19  

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