Minor notes (UPDATED)

  1. At, Hero Factory is showing off a couple of the final production cards -- Ben Dixon (common, duh) and his VF-1A (uncommon, also duh). Much better grade of screen shots than the typical ones found on the promo decks, and I especially like the quote for Ben -- that's DEFINITELY the one that was floating around in my noggin when I considered what might be on the Ben Dixon card.

  2. If I had more money, I would be here right now, at this very moment, pestering Jason & John Waltrip and demanding Sentinels sketch after Sentinels sketch. They would probably hate me afterwards, but who cares, I'd be rich in Sentinels art. Argh! Accursed cashflow problems! (Not enough cash, too much flow, don'tcha know. ^_-)

  3. NEW! Looks like I'm not the only one playing the interviewing game -- check out *this* interview Brooklyn Red Leg conducted with Greg Finley, the voice of both Captain Gloval and Supreme Commander Leonard, over at Darkwater's (Unofficial) Robotech Reporter blog!


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