Yeah, I need money ...

As you can clearly see, there are referral links on ye ol' blog now. This is because I'm kind of in a financial pickle right now, and that seemed an easy thing to do, even if it's probably not going to make any real dent. The bar at the top is kind of random, so don't consider a product's appearance there to be an endorsement, but the links at the bottom of the sidebar can be considered recommendations -- I've watched at least a little bit, if not all, of each of those shows, and they're good. It'd be nice, if you did decide to take my word for it and buy 'em, if you used the links here and got me a cut, but if you find a better deal elsewhere, I won't hold it against you. ^_^

There'll be something new for you all either tomorrow night or Monday to make up for the new clutter -- and not just another raft of Photoshop work from me. No-sir-ree. Something a little more substantial.


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