Exponess, Emissariesness, and Anxietiness ...

Posted this over at the forums, but thought I'd give it a shot on this end, too, just in case ...

If you're planning on hitting Anime Expo this weekend and still don't have a place to crash, Evan "The Cassman" Cass and I have room for one more in our room at the Cortona Inn & Suites -- which, due to the fact that it served as the official Robocon 20 spot last year, is still serving as the ROBOTECH fan hub at AX this year. Don't worry, we don't bite.

Well, I don't bite. I don't know about Evan. I doubt it, though.

So, if you're interested in bunking with us for a few days in Anaheim, drop me or Evan a line via e-mail or through one or our Myspace pages or whatever.

Hoo, yeah, not really a lot to say otherwise. I know I promised some sort of content of some variety the other day, but I'm still working on the latest issue of Emissaries. That's probably going to take up most of my waking hours that aren't spent packing, eating, sleeping, or freaking out before the wee early morning hours of Friday. (Social events turn me into a nervous wreck, and anticipation of said events even moreso.)

(Yes, I know, I'm really selling the notion of spending a few days headquartered in the same room with me for a few days, aren't I? ^_^)


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