Today's Emissaries update ...

Finished transcribing the Ford Riley interview -- it clocks in at about three and a half pages so far (probably more when I pull some quotes and add some images, plus the intro and outro), with about a page and a half of material that you all didn't get to hear regarding his thoughts on the finished Shadow Chronicles movie, getting to hear the dialogue spoken aloud for the first time, and some comments on Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles. Hopefully those of you who get Emissaries will find it worthwhile -- I know I did, but I find all sorts of things worthwhile that everyone else seems to yawn at.

In other news, if you scroll down you'll notice I've done some updating on the upcoming releases list -- I was on HobbyLink Japan today and saw there's an all-Minmay series of new Macross trading figures coming in August from CM's. Take a look at 'em here. About half of them appear to be recolors and remolds of Minmays that were in previous assortments of the CM's Macross figure collections, but on the other hand, there's that kinda neat 3D version of the photograph she and Hikaru/Rick took before his first mission, as well as the possibility of a unique chase figure -- Flashback 2012 Minmay, perhaps? I wonder.

Also was digging around and found a site claiming that Toynami's 12" Hikaru doll should be out around the 30th. Take that with a grain of salt, since the same site said the same about the 12" Max and hasn't even opened up a preorder for that, but it's the most concrete date I could find that wasn't buried in the past at this point. We'll see, I suppose -- in fact, I'll be in a unique position to see for myself come the following day, won't I?

Well, it's either off to bed with me now, or maybe I'll try and stay up a while with a combination of coffee and Zeta Gundam. Honestly, I'll probably crash around 7:00 a.m. even if I do try and stay up, but hey, nothing wrong with watching more Zeta Gundam ...


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