Need some quick Emissaries help ...

I'm laying out Emissaries and I've got this vertical half-page hole. I was thinking of filling it up with an ad clipping -- I remember Battlecry and Invasion being promoted with half-page vertical ads -- but for due to a few major purges of piles of magazines around the house, I don't seem to have any copies of those ads anymore.

So if anyone can get me a high resolution scan of any ROBOTECH-related half-page vertical ad from the past, oh, six years or so, along with a quick note telling the date the ad was published, it'd be super-helpful. E-mail it to me at Naturally you'll get credit for the find ... but if you're not a subscriber, you'll still have to pay for a copy of the 'zine.

That is ... unless you track me down at Anime Expo and ask me nicely, while supplies last. ^_^

Thanks, guys! I'm sure you won't let me down ...


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