I'm afraid I'm forced to agree ...

... at the very least with the first paragraph of this.

On the one hand, I'm tired of the constant harping on the whole Shadow Chronicles-not-having-a-distribution-deal thing. On the other hand, it's almost been a year since both Darkwater and myself were told to our faces at Anime Expo that the deal would be rolled out at San Diego and, well, obviously that didn't happen. To be told under similar circumstances that we'll have to wait 'til such-and-such-a-time, or that paperwork still needs to be signed ... to be told this, that, and the other thing but NOT what we want to hear ... I know that's not going to sit well with him, and despite my grumbling regarding my fellow ROBOTECH fans who keep getting on Harmony Gold's case about the lack of a film/DVD distributor ...

Yeah, I think that's gonna tick me off just a bit, too.

The thing that's kept me all Mr. Patience and everything was this feeling that Harmony Gold was going to want to roll out the big news at the big summer conventions -- not just once the ink was dry, but y'know, give it a big launch -- and the peak of big summer convention season on the anime end of things is Anime Expo. Sure, there's always also San Diego, where things were supposed to be unveiled last year, but geez, I wonder why the hell Harmony Gold and their would-be partner would want to be just another blurb in the litany of San Diego Comic-Con news when they could be the big news coming out of Expo?

It used to be that Expo was renowned for being the place where anime companies would rattle off all their recently acquired licenses, but that's become a lot more staggered in recent years due to the persistent on-line investigations of anime fans, the increasing number of co-productions, and the increasing number of conventions throughout the year. The amount of news that comes out of an anime convention, even a massive one like Anime Expo, at this point is pretty meager. The announcement of the distributor of the new ROBOTECH animation, as well as a projected DVD date, would be kind of a big deal.

Of course, you know what would be an OK consolation prize to me?

Early draft work for the next ROBOTECH animation. I tell you, I am a total sucker for seeing what's next on the horizon. Get that straightforward first story out of the way -- I want to see the more complicated second tale up their sleeves.

But that's just me. For the benefit of the rest of you all out there, here's hoping we get that announcement one week from today. Because otherwise, I think there'll be rioting on the forums, y'know? And that'll be no good for anyone.


  • It's dead. HG has killed it. Probably now known as greedy and will not get future deals. Move on.. find an new love. One that is honest with you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 June, 2006 22:56  

  • Well, here's hoping, captain. I think there's a good chance of it being announced at expo. Just a feeling...

    By Anonymous echobasealpha, at 26 June, 2006 20:53  

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