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Or, "Jonathan copy & pastes from Darkwater." ^_^

It's looking like the print machine for ROBOTECH is beginning to fire on all cylinders again come early next year. As reported here, if all goes according to plan, the revised & updated ROBOTECH pen & paper RPG should be in our grubby little mits in, as Palladium's most recent press release states, "February or March." Clicky-click here and scroll down to see the relevant passage in context.

And then, one month later, as you see here, the Shadow Chronicles art book comes out from Stone Bridge Press, publishers of a wide range of anime and Japanese culture-related books. Tommy Yune is listed as the author, with Carl Macek providing an introduction in a sort of passing of the torch (he said, pointing at the picture above).

Hmm ... I wonder if we'll also see that reprinting of the Robotech Masters novels three-in-one edition and that three-in-one edition of the New Generation novels that Tommy was pushing for around the same time. Hmm. Anybody want to start doing some digging in that general direction?

Darkwater makes a good point, that while you'd think with all this activity buzzing about in the first quarter '07, the DVD would probably come out around then. Then again, the solicitation information for Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles said point-blank that its last issue would ship simultaneously with the Shadow Chronicles DVD, and that fizzled out in a bad way.

However, the difference now is that at that point they didn't have a distribution deal signed. This clearly isn't the case now (click and scroll down to see my point). Bearing this in mind, I'm going to go back to my earlier guess that we'll see the DVD in March.

What do you think?


  • I seem to remember the powers that be making a thread over in the offical site boards regarding the re-printing of the Robotech novelizations. If I recall correctly, the overwhelming response was positive for a reprint. Personally, I loved the idea. The reprints (3-in-1 editions) actually were edited to bring the original 9 novels in line with the sentinel series.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 September, 2006 21:32  

  • Well, if Del Rey does in fact republish the Masters three-in-one edition, then how come they didn't publish the 3rd generation books into a three-in-one in the first place?

    By Blogger Adm. Lisa-Hayes Hunter, at 24 September, 2006 14:32  

  • They did the Sentinels three-in-one instead, presumably operating under the impression that if anyone could get those sales figures up after the Masters three-in-one, it would be Rick & Lisa. Obviously that wasn't the case. It's just a guess, but it sounds very much like the way things tend to go in Robotech-land.

    Since HG seems to be working overtime to get their ducks in a row and Tommy seemed very interested in getting these books back out there, I'd be a bit surprised if we didn't see them sometime between now and the end of the 1st quarter of '07 ... that is, if we're going to see them again at all.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 25 September, 2006 16:12  

  • you said:

    "Bearing this in mind, I'm going to go back to my earlier guess that we'll see the DVD in March.

    What do you think?"

    Ok, I'm curious... Have they not posted the dates anywhere on the net yet? I know I don't see it on the site yet either so...

    I just attended a presentation by someone from Harmony Gold on the new robotech movie at the anime convention in Burnaby (suburb of vancouver, british columbia, canada)and he actually gave out concrete dates. That presentation was just this August that at the Simon Fraser University campus.
    I can clearly remember them saying something about a movie release october 20th (if they can drum up any support for theaters to show it in on digital projectors) and a VERY quick dvd release after in November, which makes me think there wasn't much hope for it in the company to go to theaters at that point! (sad but true) :-(

    Course I could be getting this all wrong! AND dates change just as quick as the promises of ruthless tv people who tell companies that they can go ahead and announce release dates for their series before signing a contract and then bury the fact that they have the rights to never ever publish the thing in teeny tiny smurf print in bad contracts. But I digress...

    I didn't write down the dates anywhere. But I sure did remember october 20th for the theatre release and thinking it was kind of dumb not to wait until november for the dvd. What's one more month after 20 years?

    post a comment after this if you have more questions, I'll check the comments later just in case.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 September, 2006 21:58  

  • Yeah, that's old news. The November 21st DVD release has been pushed back.

    By Blogger Ginrai, at 26 September, 2006 13:40  

  • I heard that both Harmony Gold and FUNImation will in fact release Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles both theatrically and on DVD in early 2007.

    When I first heard of the DVD being delayed, I thought that an early 2007 release would be a good idea so that the holiday rush wouldn't affect the DVD's sales.

    By Blogger Adm. Lisa-Hayes Hunter, at 27 September, 2006 08:22  

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