Random Fridayness.

Hey, you've heard that the Masters & New Generation novels are being reissued in omnibus editions, right?

You have?

Good. Nice to hear.

Exotech sent me a piece of New Gen fanart at the first of the month, and I promised to post it this week. So here it is.

It's based on the piece of original Mospeada art below:

Not a bad reinterpretation, I'd say.

And of course, more motivational madness from the mind of Chris Meadows, this time from Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles.


  • I just wanted to say thanks to Exotech for posting to our blog. I like the personal interpretation of poster. The characters (especially Marlene) show Exotech’s personal touch, which along with the additional background images shows an ability to recreate an existing image as well as be able to add to that image.

    Question I have is will Exotech use this piece as a pre-vis for a colored illustration?

    Thanks again

    By Blogger aaron@digitalcole, at 18 October, 2006 21:57  

  • Aaron,

    thanks for the compliment. I will probably go on to the next stage of the illustration and color it. Although, I'm a bit slow in that area.

    Speaking of pre-vis, I've sketched out a rough layout for a Shadow Chronicles movie poster which I am in the process of using as reference for another Shadow Chronicles movie poster.

    So, I'll probably set up my own blog account -- can't bother Jonathan too much ;-) and post some teasers there. Stay tune for that address.

    Thanks again for your comments. It means alot. Haven't had much motivation to do Robotech fanart lately. Your comments I think should boost my motivation to complete the works through to this weekend.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 October, 2006 23:14  

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