Look kids, a Robotech RPG update!

It's here at the Palladium Books forums, straight from the typing fingers of Palladium publisher Kevin Siembieda.

In short, it reiterates what was said in the recent press release -- that if all goes according to plan, we should be seeing the first book of the revised and updated ROBOTECH RPG in February or March 2007 ... which lines up quite neatly with the press release regarding Shadow Chronicles that popped up at ICv2 here that claims the release date of the DVD to be February 6, 2007. (Hey, I was close.)

Also in the Palladium forums post, Siembieda's seen Shadow Chronicles and liked it. A lot. Good to hear!

Thanks to Chris Meadows for the link!

Bonus! Another of Chris's motivational posters! Creepy-beard-Lunk gives me the gibblies ... o_O



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