I especially like the background.

Pages 10 & 11 of the Chinese-language Macross booklet, featuring Rick's VF-1J taking on an incoming swarm of Battlepods. Note the hellish background and the remains of another Valkyrie behind the Battloid. The randomly placed Breetai head in the starburst is a bit of a daft touch, but I think I like it.

Remember kids, it's only one more month now 'til Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles comes out on DVD. The wait is almost finally over. I wonder how long the next wait is going to be ...

Oh, also, six days 'til Chris Meadows, having all but exhausted his supply of Harmony Gold reps to talk to, has actress Chase Masterson (Janice in Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles) on his Space Station Liberty internet talk show. Curious how that one's gonna go. Probably won't be around on Friday to participate, but that seems like it'll be worth a listen.


  • Rick, Battloid, and Breetai? Isn't this a Macross book, or does it say Robotech?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 January, 2007 01:41  

  • Hey, when I see that iconography, those are the first names that come to mind. Besides, I seem to recall this being a Chinese book, so according to the nice person from the Robotech Union of China who provided some translation a few posts down, I think it would be more accurate to say it's "Yi Tiao Ma Hui's" Battroid.

    Seriously, if I was going in-depth on a point of continuity, talking about the differences between X & Y, or talking about a new product, I'd be crossing my T's and dotting my I's as regards the distance between ROBOTECH & Macross. But I'm just posting a picture, like this, I'm probably going to say Rick Hunter and all the other names that come with that. After all, if I'm posting a picture like this, it probably means it's late, I'm tired, and I'm just trying to put something up here to hold myself to the "post-a-day" promise I made back on January 1st ...

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 07 January, 2007 14:34  

  • I think what we're missing here is... does Rick/Hikaru/Whatever in Chinese's Veritech/Valkyrie/Whatever In Chinese have nose lasers?


    Indeed, THAT is the real debate I feel.

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 07 January, 2007 16:35  

  • Actually, on a more amusing note... rereading the post...

    I notice you say Rick and Breetai, but you use the term Valkyrie for the mecha itself!

    Gosh Jon! Now you're really slipping! *laughs* I mean, which is it? Macross or Robotech!

    *cackles as he heads off to class*

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 07 January, 2007 16:37  

  • It's actually the Chinese translation of a Japanese book, Shougakkan's TV Picture Book Macross Series 1: Valkyries Launch!

    This reprint is not that accurate. That's why we have those crude swatches of color pasted over the Japanese text. Notice the second post's picture has a small blue swatch in the middle right, with no text at all. Originally, that area said "Gerwalk Valkyrie." That Britai shot in the third picture looks daft, partly because there were two Japanese lines of caption that got replaced in that starburst.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 January, 2007 20:33  

  • I think what we're missing here is... does Rick/Hikaru/Whatever in Chinese's Veritech/Valkyrie/Whatever In Chinese have nose lasers?

    It gets crazier. Some of the other pictures in the book have weapons we've never seen before.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 January, 2007 20:34  

  • hi Jonathan.
    thank you for your posting a new pic.
    i noticed that you said you bought it from Ebay.accouting to the traditional Chinese in the book,i think this book maybe was published by Hong Kong,CHINA or Taiwan,CHINA.and Robotech nervr landed in Hong Kong or Taiwan,, this book is MACROSS not ROBOTECH.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 January, 2007 20:57  

  • Underneath the chest hinge in vehicle mode, there's a tiny, embossed copyright notice:
    © TAKARA 2006
    © 2006 HASBRO, INC.

    That's probably the main reason Harmony Gold USA would be foolish to sue. Takara bought a majority stake in Tatsunoko Productions in 2005. Takara also hired Studio Nue in the 1980s to help design the Diaclone toys that would later become the Transformers, and Studio Nue still does Transformers work for Takara today. Studio Nue (via Big West) and Tatsunoko happen to be the copyright owners of Macross.

    If Harmony Gold sued, it would be suing the same people who produced the anime and gave them the license in the first place. Harmony Gold could sue for breach of contract, but they would look awfully silly doing so and destroy what little remains of their credibility in Japan.

    For another possible design homage, check out the back end of the arm blaster units (on either side) and behind the fake trigger of the handheld cannon (on either side) for a familiar bar-intersected circle.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 January, 2007 02:23  

  • The last reply above goes to the next blog post about Jetfire.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 January, 2007 02:26  

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