Today's offering: Macross art and Robotech comics.

Some years back, I was lurking around eBay looking for random Macross and ROBOTECH stuff and I came across this neat little book -- I think the auction said it was from Hong Kong. In any case, it's all in Chinese, a language I don't know at all, and measures 5 1/2" by 8 1/2". Why did I buy it? Because it's got a whole bunch of really cool painted pieces of the Macross mecha in it, of course. I think a lot of these are from old Japanese puzzles and model kit boxes, very classically styled.

I'll probably be posting more of those spreads later. And if anyone has any clue what the text says, let me know. I've always been curious.

Elsewhere on the internet, I've been working on ROBOTECH comics stuff again. Read about Antarctic Press's Vermilion here, DC/WildStorm's Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles here, and the second issue of Eternity/Malibu's Invid War here.


  • hi,Johathan,i am a fan from Robotech Union @ China. i'm interested in this pic.The big title of this pic in the left is "to the stars" and the text below it is "the Fortress lands and Members".
    The text below the pic of Hikuru is his Chinese name" YI TIAO MA HUI".But it's difficult to translate the text which is in the middle of pic into English.i wanna
    see more pics about this book.thanks.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 January, 2007 05:33  

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