Robotech: Birth of a Sequel documentary excerpt at the official site ...

Via AnimeOnDVD: The Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles site has been updated with a nine and a half minute excerpt from the forty-five minute Birth of a Sequel documentary that was shown on the Harmony Gold convention tour and at Shadow Chronicles screenings last year, and will also be included on the Shadow Chronicles DVD. If I had to take a guess based on's graphic, it looks like it's the segment where each of the voice actors talks about the character he or she plays in the film. There's an option to download the featurette for those video iPods.

As I recall there are some very light spoilers regarding the movie in there if you want to go into this thing cold on February 6 (or if you manage to make it out to a screening before then), but if you've been visiting this blog long enough, I think that ship has sailed.

Oh, and if you're clicking on that screening link now (like, January '07), that could also constitute spoilers, as it automatically loads up the FUNimation Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles trailer. Just so you know.


  • "Birth of a Sequel" sounds a little too much like "Birth of a Nation" for my taste ...

    By Anonymous Untitled, at 04 January, 2007 23:03  

  • Ohhhh... saw the DVD Trailer for Shadow Chronicles.... the cg looks a bit spotty, but the trailer definetly has "Zomg! I want to watch this!" feeling to it. I am so freaking excited about it. (Yeah, it definetly has some light spoilers...)

    I hope they get it at my NEX within a week of release... or I'll have to get my brother to send it to me! Our NEX does seems to exclusivly have mostly Funi and ADV titles though... so here's to hoping I get it quite soon.

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 05 January, 2007 08:17  

  • So are we going to get the Robotech 3000 (or whatever it was called) footage as an extra on the discs?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 January, 2007 12:06  

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