Yes, I know I back-dated this post an hour. Hush.


You mean they're advertising it now? Like a REAL movie?

You know, I really wish this would happen every day when something came up that prevented me from working on new material for all you folks out there in ROBOTECH-land. Reader Mauricio Schneegans spotted an advertisement for the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles DVD in the February 2007 issue of PC World magazine and sent it in. Take a look.

Right now I'm at the point where the movie is a sort of hazy memory, so it's nice to have things like this to remind me that no, the movie is very definitely real and most likely coming out on DVD in less than a month's time. Then again, with this movie, I'm not even sure seeing the DVD on my shelf, right next to all my other ROBOTECH DVDs, is going to really solidify the notion of it being actually honestly real. Whatever animation that comes after ... that I think I'll be able to take as real. But this? I think it's always going to be kind of a haze for me.



  • Maybe they'll retroactively un-release it and come into our homes and take it back.


    They could always strike it from official continuity, like the Sentinels ...

    By Anonymous Untitled, at 10 January, 2007 18:27  

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