Happy Valentine's Day!

This piece of art was released exclusively in a five-pack of ROBOTECH comic books put out by Academy Comics on January 29, 1997, according to my research -- presumably part of a wide-reaching plan to blow out all of Academy's remaining inventory before Antarctic Press started rolling out their ROBOTECH books in March of that year. The pack was five books, originally $2.95 apiece, for $6.95. The piece of art is described in the pack as a "kissy print of Roy Fokker & Claudia," but I think "print" is a bit of an overstatement; in reality, the item sitting on my scanner right now is a small xerox copy of a piece of art drawn, I believe, by Frances and/or Michelle Birchfield. I've long since separated the books, so I'm not entirely sure what issues came in the pack, except that there was a copy of Academy's Robotech Romance #1 anthology in there -- that's how I got my undamaged copy of that issue, so that one kind of sticks in the memory. If you know what issues came in the set, let me know in the comments thread.

Yep, I loves me some minutiae.

Anyway, the real point of the post was to say Happy Valentine's Day to all of you attached folks out there. As for the rest of you, um --

Whoops, there's my girlfriend! Gotta go!


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