We've Got Movement!

Well! I've been laid out sick for the past day and a half, ever since I got off the line with Meadows & the gang on Space Station Liberty Thursday night, and I was just about to my first solid stretch of shuteye since then, when what did I find in my in-box but sdf1macross letting me know that with their DVD out there in the great wide world, the Harmony Gold gang has gotten around to updating their trivia for the first time in, what, two years? At least? It's an eleven point quiz over Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles. Sign in and clicky-click here to test your recall.

I'd say more, but my typing really, really sucks right now. I feel awful and really need some shuteye. More later, of course.


  • I'd be disappointed, in a point and laugh kind of way, in anybody who even just thumbed through Prelude when it was released got less than 11/11...

    By Anonymous Cyc, at 11 February, 2007 03:55  

  • Oddly enough, the first time I came up with 9 out of 11. Then I looked at the screen cock-eyed, ran ALL THE SAME ANSWERS, and wound up with 11 out of 11. *sigh*

    Can I blame this on my illness, too?

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 11 February, 2007 18:50  

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