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Sorry, the vast sea of quiet in the wake of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles coming out on DVD is starting to get to me. I'm planning on dealing with this in the only way I know how. Tomorrow, after work, I'm totally going to start working on ye olde comick site again. Then I'm going to take some time off and get some pancakes -- it is International Pancake Day tomorrow after all -- and once I've had enough syrup and butter to last me 'til the summer, I'm coming back and diving deep again into ROBOTECH continuity hell, where I plan on staying for the rest of the week. Keep your eyes on both blogs, because I'll be updating both places throughout the week with my progress.

I'm also in the middle of considering adding a new weekly feature to this blog. Watch this space to see if I go ahead and do it.


  • Once again I am appealing to your superior Anime knowledge (or at least =
    Robotech/Macross/Southern Cross/Mospeada Knowledge).

    I just ordered Animeigo's full DVD Macross set off of I =
    could not pass up $40 bucks. What a deal! =20

    What is the difference between Animeigo's set and the newer release =
    (last year's english dub set)? If its just the new english dub then I =
    will be very happy with the Animeigo set. I really thought that some of =
    the dialogue and slang was a bit anachronistic for a 'toon that came out =
    in the early 1980's, know what I mean?

    I did buy the first volume of the newer Macross dub from Best Buy last =
    year, but at 20 bucks a pop, it was going to be much more expensive than =
    the current deal.

    Usually I am not a big proponent of collecting the original, Japanese =
    version of my favorite Americanized anime from my childhood. For =
    instance, I am not planning on buying the supposedly forthcoming release =
    of GoLion. I will be happy with my Voltron sets. But Robotech is =
    different for some reason. Every since the '80's when I learned that =
    Robotech was comprised of 3 very different series from Japan I have =
    wondered about the differences in storlines. I already one Mospeada and =
    Southern Cross and am amazed at how different they were from the =
    Robotech versions--especially Southern Cross.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 February, 2007 10:44  

  • Nooooooo! Not the stupid hat!!!

    By Blogger Chris Meadows, at 20 February, 2007 23:14  

  • I have this totally unrelated question to whatever your blog sez, but was there a comic during the time "Before The Invid Storm"?

    By Blogger medmapguy, at 22 February, 2007 04:12  

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