Hey, are you still up?

Just got an e-mail from Chris Meadows telling me that Harmony Gold Creative Director and Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles director Tommy Yune is on Space Station Liberty right now. Yeah, like, "as I'm typing this" right now. So if you wanna talk to Tommy, now's your chance. Not that it's, like, your last chance, or your only chance or anything, but he's on the line and you're still awake, so if you wanna talk to him, why don't you click on over and pester him with your questions like a good ROBOTECH fan?

Update (12:02 a.m.): Well, it's over -- an hour of talk about Toynami's products, discrepancies between Prelude and Shadow Chronicles, some nudging about the sequel, and thoughts on fan expectations. You can't call in anymore, but it might be worth a listen. And of course, there's the two hours of talk with voice actor, ADR director, and writer Steve "Angelo Dante" Kramer -- having heard him talk two years back at Anime Expo during the Robocon 20 retrospective panel, I can't believe that's anything but two hours of entertainment.

Wonder what, if anything, Chris has got lined up next. Hmmmmmm ...