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Well, that's that. Darkwater wrote his "Lonely Soldier Boy" review (hint: he liked it) and then signed off, though not before stopping by Space Station Liberty for about three hours while I slept in, realized I lost an hour, and then wandered on out for a late lunch. Sorry I missed it, man. I wish you all the best and all the luck in the world in your time-consuming, well-paying new gig with Unnamed Media Company. ^_-

The Masters (not to be confused with SSL host Chris "Robotech_Master" Meadows) is looking to pick up the slack. Best of luck to him on that front. I doubt he can bring the snark like Darkwater did, but hey, the more the merrier.

Of course, I'm still here, and given that my prospects for a time-consuming, well-paying new job here in The Middle of Nowhere, Kansas are somewhere in the ballpark of nil, I'm thinking I'm gonna be here for a while to come. So don't worry folks -- this show might get preempted, but it's not gonna be canceled any time soon.

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Okay, so on with the news ...

As Darkwater reported last Friday, via Anime News Network, Victor Entertainment in Japan is holding open auditions to find the voice of the pop star heroine for the upcoming new Macross anime series being produced for the original TV series's 25th anniversary.

Now Anime News Service is reporting that animation production company Satelight, the company that Macross-co-creator Shoji Kawamori has been doing all his recent projects with, will be host to a Macross 25th Anniversary booth at the Tokyo Anime Fair in two weeks. The formal announcement of the new series will take place there. To me, this is a good sign -- Kawamori's probably in charge, meaning even if it's a failure, it'll be an interesting failure that will at least be able to lean on some kick-ass mecha dogfights. It won't be, say, another Macross II, a pretty yet shallow rehash of things we've seen before.

Oh, and if you haven't visited the Flash-heavy new official Macross website at, it's worth a look, even if you can't read Japanese. There's enough English there that you should be able to find your way around, and most of what's on display are pictures of characters and mecha from the various Macross anime series. Pretty cool.


  • Hey, thanks for the nod. Yeah, I'm no character like Darkwater, but I'm devoted. It's all a matter of time and effort.

    Keep up the work on your end.

    By Blogger The Masters, at 12 March, 2007 18:32  

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