Keeping the marketing cycle going!

Apparently this coming Wednesday's edition of Comic News Insider, a podcast produced by Dynamic Forces -- peddlers of overpriced signed comic books and superhero busts that make you go, "Who the heck is going to buy THAT?!" -- our old pals Tommy Yune, Dan Woren, and Scott Glasgow will be on to promote Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, which has now been out for about five weeks. Gosh, it's been that long, eh? Anyhoo, if you're not sick of listening to the Harmony Gold gang talk about their movie, visit on Wednesday, March 14. There's going to be other TV/DVD/movies/comics coverage in there, so you might need to skim through the file a bit for the ROBOTECH-related content.

Oh, actually, the Dynamic Forces website is kind of busy and will try and sell you the Captain America death issue signed by twenty different people, so instead if you click here you can go straight to the podcast page. The podcast will load right there on the page. Don't say I never did nothin' for ya.


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