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Soooooo, Lonely Soldier Boy is out. This is the brand spankin' new CD from ROBOTECH singer/songwriter Michael Bradley, a collection of rearrangements and rerecordings of the classic ROBOTECH songs that he worked on back in the 1980's -- from "Flower of Life" through The New Generation and Robotech The Movie: The Untold Story. He's put a lot of time and energy (and money) into this project for all the fans of his work on the series, and it's been a long hard road getting here, but finally, the CD's available to buy here at in autographed and unautographed flavors. $14.95 + $3.00 shipping, a couple more bucks to get it signed.

Despite the walls the Harmony Gold legal team put up to prevent the ROBOTECH name from being used on the CD, has an extensive interview with Michael Bradley regarding his career and this project here. So that's pretty cool.

Speaking of promotion, remember, YOU can help. Spread the word by posting one of Viv's lovely banners (see top of this blog and Darkwater's blog) to your own blog, MySpace, forum sig file, or anything else you can think of offhand. Of course, they all say coming soon ... hmm ... hey, is she going to update them all now that it's out? Viv? Darkwater? Anyone ... ?

Me, I'm having to wait 'til payday to buy it. I think I have, like, a dollar in my pocket. Yeah. Oh, you're a lonely little dollar, aren't you? Yes you are.


  • I wish this was on Itunes or some other online publishing style so I could download it. Now I have to go and do the whole International shipping and everything... which I probally will do on pay day... I mean, it's a remix cd with Michael Bradley's Robotech music! How could I turn down those songs which I sung through my high school... quite loudly and the such. Apparently, I am not Lancer.

    But that is besides the point! *laughs*

    Now I'll just have to wait for payday... I have a little more money then you... I think I have 3300 yen in my pocket! Score!

    -The Ever Pointless Tolarin

    (BTW, now it's OFFICAL news that the Victor Auditions is for a new Macross series. I'm curious if the term series means "New Macross product" or if we're gonna see an actual new Macross TV series. )

    By Anonymous Tolarin, at 10 March, 2007 19:59  

  • Already ordered my copy. Granted, it'll prolly only see use to rip to my mp3 player, but I'm glad to support Michael for his talent and hard work. He made great music then, and if Underground is any indication he's still putting out excellent stuff now.

    By Blogger Jeid, at 10 March, 2007 23:29  

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