*slaps forehead*

Okay, you realize what today is, right?

Good, so you know what to expect on today, right?

For purposes of the record, this year's annual tomfoolery looks like this:

Robohint: The period at the end of the "The requested URL ..." blahbiddy-blah is clickable.

And now that I've said that, I suppose they'll have something else in store for the afternoon ...

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  • I don't think I'm incredibly smart of anything, I've never been fooled by any of April fools gags because they've always been so incredibly impossible and implausable, yet there are always people who are emailing mods asking when why they produced so few RT3K boxes, or why people go fired or that the site is down and when will it be back up...

    *shakes head and sighs*

    By Anonymous Cyc, at 01 April, 2007 05:52  

  • looks like someone's hittin' up the torretz! :)

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 02 April, 2007 09:17  

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