The Roboblog Chronicles: Episode 1

Yes, henceforth you will be getting weekly video rants like the above. Consider yourself warned. Leave your comments and complaints in the comment jar and I'll address them in the next episode.

Note: The final issue of Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles sold approx. 8,200 copies in the direct market, not "about 6,000-something" as I state in the video. But that's still pathetic by DC Comics standards. Not as pathetic as that Ninja Scroll series being published by DC/WildStorm that was at the 6,000-something mark as of January and is still inexplicably ongoing, but certainly far from good ...

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  • Yes companies like money, but they tend to have problems with throwing good money after bad, which is why they seem to be hedging their bets, waiting to see if Shadow Chronicles will kick things off well enough convince them to continue.

    and DAMN, seriously have to consider buying the reprints now. Best I can claim the little Chibi me on and the Jupiter Base J heart on the mugs, neither which name names.

    By Anonymous Cyc, at 01 April, 2007 06:10  

  • Not as pathetic as that Ninja Scroll series being published by DC/WildStorm that was at the 6,000-something mark as of January and is still inexplicably ongoing

    Besides possibly lower production and licensing costs (the Ninja Scroll owners might be more amenable to Wildstorm than Harmony Gold was), the other possible reason is overall sales volume. Ninja Scroll #1 started at an estimated 16,819, and most of the issues of Ninja Scroll outsold the equivalently numbered PtSC issue.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 April, 2007 06:12  

  • Great job, JLS! I really enjoyed the video and the Robotech corner. Keep up the great job!

    By Blogger The Masters, at 01 April, 2007 10:51  

  • Instead of the delays giving Harmony Gold and the licensees more time to plan products, the delays probably discouraged licensees from dealing with Shadow Chronicles.

    Think about Wildstorm. They planned Robotech: Invasion and Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles comics to tie-in with Vicious Cycle's game and Harmony Gold's movie. (Remember how PtSC #1's cover said "The prelude to the upcoming DVD release!"?) Unfortunately, they got burned big time as the game and movie slipped their deadlines.

    The result: the Invasion comics collected dust on store shelves a full six months before the Invasion game came out in October of 2004. PtSC comics collected dust for over a full year before the Shadow Chronicles shipped. Harmony Gold probably did ask, and asked again, Wildstorm to do a graphic novel. But Wildstorm looked at Harmony Gold's past record and the resulting drop in comics sales and thought once bitten--no, twice bitten--twice shy.

    That's probably one of the reasons why Toynami waited until after SC shipped before announcing any tie-ins to SC. It's better to ride the coattails once you know the product actually exists, than to vainly plan around Harmony Gold's long history of slipped deadlines and unreleased projects.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 01 April, 2007 13:00  

  • Keep it up bud! Good job!

    By Anonymous Maverick, at 01 April, 2007 14:35  

  • when you said HG's "crack" legal department didn't you mean "cracked" legal department?

    I'll be looking forward to your video post...good luck!


    By Blogger aaron@digitalcole, at 01 April, 2007 18:16  

  • Hey did you get my email about the Beagle Mospeada toys from TAF07? I sent information and a link to some pics of the booth a day before made the post about it on Macross world. There is a link in the email of the display, a huge Mospeada scroll, and the Beagle booth.

    By Blogger SaveRobotech, at 02 April, 2007 02:12  

  • Are you telling me that Robotech still sucks in the eyes of the casual consumer?!!

    By Blogger medmapguy, at 02 April, 2007 02:16  

  • I don't know if it just brings up bad memories or what not, but it kind of irks me when I hear about HG getting fans to work for them for free. I know they're not twisting arms and I know we're all adults capable of making our own decisions. But it's become habit on HG's part to get fans to work for them with the only compensation is seeing their name printed (and sometimes not).

    I don't say that to discredit anything Captain JLS, or any other fan, has done or not to recognize any of their hard work, but c'mon... give these people more than a printed name and a resume builder...

    By Blogger Darkwater, at 03 April, 2007 00:07  

  • Hey, there is at least one piece of merchandise coming out this month, right? The Art of The Shadow Chronicles.........unless it was delayed.

    And btw, I think it's cool that you did all that work for the novels. I know it can be cool just to see your name in print. I think I had a fictional reference source from one of the Lost Generation novels named after me. But I could be wrong.

    ---Admiral DMC McKeever

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 April, 2007 00:30  

  • I might as well purchase the newly re-released Robotech omnibus edition novels, including the Southern Cross and New Generation ones. As for my existing copies of the aforementioned novels, including the Sentinels and Lost Genreration ones, I'll keep them anyway. :D

    By Blogger Callie, at 25 April, 2007 10:16  

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