Destroy All Podcasts Talks Macross Frontier.

While I've been busy sleeping a lot and being depressed, Andrew, Jeremy, and Anime World Order's Daryl Surat have apparently watched Macross Frontier. This link will take you to the first part of a two-part discussion of that show. No, I haven't listened to it. I probably won't unless and until I sit down and watch the damned show for myself. (Right now I'm on the fence about it; Levi said the final episode was actually pretty interesting, but I don't know if I want to sit through that rough first half to get there.)

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  • Don't slide into depression, it's only a recession.


    By Blogger Roger, at 09 October, 2008 09:33  

  • If you made it through Macross Zero, you can definitely make it through Frontier.

    By Blogger Winston, at 09 October, 2008 13:56  

  • I agree emphatically with Winston.

    It is rather difficult for me to justify my position that Macross Frontier is a good show and in fact one of the top Macross anime entries without elaborating and therefore spoiling things, as is what happens in that podcast you linked to (which is the first of two parts). Every single thing you dislike about Macross Frontier, I also STRONGLY dislike. These very things happen to be the elements most liked by fans who like Frontier but are not otherwise Macross fans, and so I can understand why it is demoralizing to see people talk about how much they love Macross Frontier because of the fanservice and "wacky hijinks." It's easy to read the comments, look at the pictures, and conclude "this is not the same as my Macross. It may say Macross on the title, but what I liked about the original series is gone, replaced with a bunch of lame fan pandering."

    But you'd be doing yourself a disservice.

    I know and understand that this is primarily a blog that emphasizes and prioritizes "Robotech," so this next statement may be viewed as inflammatory at best and trolling at worst. But I sincerely believe that Macross Frontier gets right what Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles got so massively, massively wrong: the mecha action sequences. That's what made me a fan in the first place, and it did hurt me inside to see how the mecha designs, action choreography, and animation quality of Shadow Chronicles were a drastic letdown. Yet for all the things which bother me about Macross Frontier, the action sequences in it are consistently top-rate and meet my very high expectations of what a Macross series should be despite the lack of Ichiro Itano's direct involvement.

    There's a lot I don't like about Macross Frontier, and between my various podcast appearances I've probably spoken for about four hours on the subject. But the good really does outweigh the bad, which is more than I can say for roughly half of the Macross anime made to date.

    By Blogger Daryl Surat, at 09 October, 2008 14:12  

  • hopefully it isnt severe depression o_O

    and also I agree with the above comment.

    By Blogger All That Jazz, at 10 October, 2008 09:38  

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