Lonely Soldier Boy II up for preorder!

Available December 1, pre-order it NOW at the newly redesigned Michael Bradley Music website! This CD will feature acoustic versions of the classic Robotech: The New Generation and Robotech: The Untold Story songs, plus it sounds like there will be a few new odds and ends along the same lines as the original demo recordings that were included on the first CD.

Michael Bradley talks about the CD on his MySpace blog here.

Can't wait to give this one a spin.

(Thanks to both Vivian and Treiz for shooting me an e-mail to give me the heads-up.)

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  • I need to get BOTH of those CDs... I wish they did a downloadable version like they did with Underground...
    I would certainly buy and download it...

    By Blogger Tolarin_Skylar, at 02 November, 2008 21:52  

  • I'm planning on buying both albums as well.

    By Blogger Callie, at 03 November, 2008 16:14  

  • Hey Jon, I got my copy of the Macross Saga Sourcebook and wrote my thoughts up from my first complete read through on my journal. It's a bit long to spam into here so I figured I'd send you a link.

    I keep meaning to talk with you about The Shadow Chronicles RPG, but that one has a bit more meat to it dealing with role playing systems and stuff... and has taken me a bit to write up.

    I'm going to bring up Macross here agian in a bit with some stuff on the Zentraedi here in a bit. I really liked the write up they did for that. But anyhoo, here's my little rant of the Macross Saga Sourcebook:

    By Blogger Tolarin_Skylar, at 06 November, 2008 20:32  

  • (As a note, in case you read it before I edited it... I noticed one glarring omission from the SDF-1's statistics.... and that is the lack of information on the Pinpoint Barrier/Omni Directional Barrier system. You would think they would want to have such a crucial system in the main book's stats. But alas. Perhaps in their shinny Starship book.)

    By Blogger Tolarin_Skylar, at 07 November, 2008 01:02  

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