Bitty bits.

  • A Japanese-language review of Yamato's 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk. Can't read it myself, but good god, the photos! What an awesome-looking toy.

  • Collection DX's Leonardo Flores reflects on the completion of his VF-1D kit from Revell's Robotech Defenders line. Wish I could do work like that.

  • Tam from anime retailer Twin Moons Anime complains about the Masterpiece Collection Cyclone price jump, in the context of having to cancel all the pre-orders since it's an over one hundred percent price jump. Mind you, as you and I know, it's now a completely different toy (you did know that, right?), but I wonder if Toynami's kept their retail partners in the loop about all this. It doesn't sound like they have ...

  • Ain't It Cool News reports that the Macross Frontier movie is probably going to be a DYRL-style reimagining of the TV series story (by way of Famitsu magazine). So sorry, folks -- no further resolution.

  • And finally, it's not exactly ROBOTECH news, but friend-of-the-Roboblog Roger Harkavy writes in to tell us that ROBOTECH Producer Carl Macek has a new book out. (Actually, it looks like it's been out since the end of July, but this is the first I've heard of it.) War Eagles is a novel based on a story by King Kong creator Merian C. Cooper, which he intended to be a follow-up to Kong. Looks like frequent Roboblog commenter Treiz liked it, so it's probably worth a look.

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  • Just wanted to comment on the Robotech Cyclone situation. We (along with most other retailers who are STILL listing the Cyclone at $79.99) have definitely been kept out of the loop. About a year ago we got nice glossy color catalogs from Toynami along with price sheets soliciting the Cyclones at $79.99 retail. For nearly a year we heard nothing more about them. At the last Anime Expo I was speaking with someone from Toynami and he mentioned something about them possibly using Beagle's mold instead, but there was no mention of scale or price difference.

    Two weeks ago I emailed a PO to Toynami along with an order increase, all at the $79.99 retail price point. We weren't informed of any issues. Then a few days ago one of our customers pointed out that the Cyclones were listed at $199 at Only after I contacted Toynami myself, I found out that EVERYTHING had changed. What really bothers me is that these were solicited officially when Toynami didn't really know how much it would cost them to produce them. They should have never sent out price sheets to start with. Naturally every retailer wants to offer them for pre-order as soon as possible, and this sort of situation doesn't help any of us.

    By Blogger Tamim, at 10 October, 2008 23:38  

  • oh my god that thing is awesome!
    White's a nice color too

    By Blogger All That Jazz, at 11 October, 2008 11:43  

  • WOW, collctionDX did a breathtaking job on the trainer! I LOVE all of those old Revell kits and have a sizeable collection of nonbuilt ones.

    Those are tops on my request list for a re-release. I've been slowly buying a few duplicates so that if I mess one of them up when I finally start building them, I'll have some parts and canopies I can use.

    By Blogger Pedro, at 13 October, 2008 14:18  

  • Well, hopefully they can resolve that whole Triangler thing in the movie. *laughs* I'll probally try to see it in theatres just to watch detailed Valkyries fight each other!

    By Blogger Tolarin_Skylar, at 14 October, 2008 21:53  

  • War Eagles is a good read, I put a review of it on amazon

    By Blogger Treiz, at 30 October, 2008 13:04  

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