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Listening to my copy of Lonely Soldier Boy II -- which I got in the mail today -- right now. Just passed the first version of "Look Up! The Sky Is Falling," which was pretty freakin' cool. Surprisingly, I think the strongest track so far was "Flower of Life," which elicited a verbal "WOW" from Evan. It's an extremely impressive acoustic take on what is typically a very, very synth-heavy song ... and it STILL sounds so very, very otherworldly. Nice!

Seriously, every ROBOTECH fan who enjoys the New Gen and Untold Story songs should probably pick this up right now. I am enjoying the hell out of this disc! ^_^

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  • Hey I didn't know this... and I'm figuring I'll pass this on to you as well...

    Macross II and Macross Plus are both avaliable on Itunes for decent prices! I haven't seen Macross II in ages, so I'm happy to buy it! *laughs* I'll have that darn soundtrack stuck in my head for days!

    Also, ADV's got shinny Macross box sets avaliable, as well as a Mospeada/Southern Cross combo. You know, the shinny Original Source versions?

    I'll talk about my impressions on the Macross set here soon. That dub.... ummm... hmmm...


    Skylar, out!

    By Blogger Tolarin_Skylar, at 05 December, 2008 08:11  


    I was looking for some videos for friends... when I found an AMV that led me to this guy's music! There's some interesting takes on Robotech's songs and BGM from this guy! Just thought I'd send it your way!

    By Blogger Tolarin_Skylar, at 05 December, 2008 10:12  

  • I've been listening to LSB2 as well. My fav so far is Look Up part 1. Way too cool!

    By Blogger Treiz, at 06 December, 2008 15:45  

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