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Okay, okay, for those who want to share in the fun of having too many copies of one anime TV episode littering their homes, here are all the different ways you can own "Boobytrap," the first episode of Macross/Robotech, on DVD in the English langauge market.

  • The unremastered 1985 broadcast Robotech edition, available on ADV's Robotech Vol. 1 "First Contact" and as a part of both the Robotech: The Macross Saga Complete Collection and the Robotech Legacy Collection Box Set 1.
  • The original 1984 Harmony Gold English dubbed Macross pilot episode, available on the extras disc included in ADV's Robotech Legacy Collection Box Set 5.
  • The remastered (and refoleyed) Robotech edition, available on the ADV Films Robotech Remastered Volume 1 two-disc box set and as a single-episode Ani-Mini disc, also from ADV.
  • The super-remastered Japanese langauge Macross edition (subtitled in English), available on the first volume of AnimEigo's nine-volume Macross TV series collection, available originally in a complete box set and later in three three-disc mini-boxes. This version is currently out of print since AnimEigo lost their license at the beginning of 2005.
  • And now, finally, comes ADV's newly English dubbed Macross edition, available on the first volume of their upcoming rerelease of the original 1982 Macross TV series (available with or without collectible series box for all the volumes you WILL buy ... in the meantime, it's a fine way to earmark the shelf space for them).

I believe there actually is another version of Robotech's "Boobytrap," with a different edit of the background music than the version that's been available off and on since the early 90's through FHE, Streamline, and ADV, but I've never seen it it, and besides, we're just talking about versions available on DVD. Someone brought up "Clash of the Bionoids," but that's a version of the 1984 feature film, "Macross: Do You Remember Love?" (oft abbreviated "DYRL"), which is a whole 'nother can of worms. Though of course, it is another English dubbed version of Macross, nigh to unwatchable as it may be ... it was strange watching that awful little tape for the first time, hearing those oddly accented voices coming out of these oh-so-familliar characters' mouths, and I suppose it'll be another adjustment hearing another slate of voices coming out of them anew.

Blogging from work, so no, no, no, you have to wait 'til the eve to see if I've finally finished working over Prelude #1 thoroughly.


  • And then I can count 4 versions of Boobytrap in comic book form.

    ...can You?

    By Anonymous Darkwater, at 20 October, 2005 16:38  

  • Oooh on DVD(!) teach me to reply while at work. :-p

    4 versions of boobytrap. Hm!
    Well there is the original comico release
    the acadamy boobytrap release.
    Was there a mini comic packed into any toys?
    Man I'm all out.

    Hah, Clash of the Bionoids was terrrrrible. My friends older brother got it and let us watch it when we were kids. He also had a vhs bootleg of robotech the movie. (which was also terrible)

    By Anonymous Pedro, at 20 October, 2005 20:49  

  • The 4 are -

    The original Comico Macross #1
    Comico's Robotech 3-D
    Academy's Boobytrap
    Wildstorm's graphic novel reprint.

    Now, Wildstorms graphic novel reprint of Comico's Macross #1 is different because they revereted the names back to the Robotech ones.

    By Anonymous Darkwater, at 21 October, 2005 11:45  

  • I was going to say that, but I was halfway through writing when I had to relinquish the computer to a student -- y'know, posting from work and all ...

    There actually is one more version of "Boobytrap" in comics -- the first chapter of a Japanese film comic (what TokyoPop calls "Ani-Manga") adaptation of the series, using images straight from the animation. See it here:

    Boy, thinking back on it, wouldn't it have been nice if DC had used Sean Bishop's adaptation of Boobytrap for the first chapter of their first "The Macross Saga" trade paperback instead of Comico's Macross #1? That little one-shot was awesome ... hell, anything Sean Bishop drew was awesome. My favorite Robotech t-shirt ever bears a piece of his art on it ... Darkwater, you know the one ...

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 21 October, 2005 13:37  

  • I wonder when or if the U.S. will get an official release of Macross: DYRL, because it really has some stunning animation and the plot, albeit truncated, is very good too.

    The "Clash of the Bionoids" is horrible because of the awful dub, but also because F.H.E. or whoever produced it used low quality tape and taped it on a higher speed to get more playtime on less tape. DYRL deserved much better than this!


    Great Blog, by the way!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 October, 2005 16:43  

  • Another version is the comic book with cassette tape set, which was made for the first two episodes. They were displayed at Robocon-20, during the "Lost Robotech" panel.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 October, 2005 17:07  

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