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Slept badly and intermittently last night, and had to get up at five a.m. to accompany a horde of fifth graders on a field trip halfway across the state, so do forgive me for not being finished with my work regarding the first issue of Prelude. Meanwhile, if there are any big, huge, major jaw-dropping moments or bits of bizarre revised (or bizarre unrevised) bits of continuity in Prelude #2 (which came out today), do e-mail me or tack them onto the comments thread here.

Meanwhile, ADV Films is putting out the first volume of their DVD release of the original Japanese-language Macross in January. In case you haven't heard, the interesting bit about their release as opposed to AnimEigo's famous "super-restored" edition is that ADV has been given permission to produce a brand-new English dub for the series. Don't tell me you're not the least bit curious about this -- the reason AnimEigo wasn't given permission to do this was because Harmony Gold considered the first generation of Robotech the English version of Macross, but all of a sudden, several Robotech DVD releases later, Harmony Gold shrugs their shoulders and lets ADV do their thing. Y'know, I haven't listened to an ADV dub since ... um ... Evangelion, but if I have a spare thirty bucks sitting around in January, I may well have to give this dub a look-see, just for the surreallity of hearing a new set of English language voices coming out of these characters' mouths, and having them actually refer to one another by the Japanese version names.

Though to be honest, I have to say, prepare for consumer confusion to the Nth degree. Bear in mind how often the question, "Hey, where does Macross Plus fit into Robotech?" comes up ... and remember that the full "Protoculture Edition" Robotech set is coming out mere months ahead of the new Macross discs. If I buy the new Macross disc, do you have any clue how many times I'll have "Boobytrap" on DVD?


Bonus points to anyone who can figure out all five.

Well, back to work ...


  • "Slept badly and intermittently last night," Wow misplacing the Robotech art 3 must have really been getting to you. ....I kid I kid.

    New Macross Dub, ok that is crazy. And yes their will be a lot of confusion. ...Any clue why they oked it? I could see allowing it if RT:SC failed, but it just does not make sense when you about to start the franchise up again. Not to mention they could have sold so many more RT DVDs with better marketing. I never saw an ad for the DVDs in any medium.

    Not even going to try and figure out all five. ...maybe you can get the last DVD ;)

    As for Prelude two.
    This thread has a good start to the run down of the comic.

    By Anonymous Odyn, at 19 October, 2005 21:01  

  • Simple:
    Original DVD of Robotech from ADV
    Animeigo Macross DVD
    Robotech: Remastered
    Robotech Protoculture box (which you said you'd have gotten by then)
    and the upcoming Macross DVD


    By Anonymous Jimmy Musgrove, at 19 October, 2005 21:12  

  • Jonathan-

    While I'll leave the exhaustive analysis to you (when are we going to see some commentary on issue #1, btw?), I definitely have to repeat what I said about the first installment: this comic aches for more pages. Events are so compressed that it's hard to get a full understanding of everything that's happening. They really rush from event to event, every pannel having some meaning. Sometimes too much meaning...

    At the end of the day, though, I think the Waltrips and Tommy are doing a decent job. This issue continues showing respect to previous iterations of The Sentinels, both novels and comics, while at the same time offering new elements and plot points.

    My main problem with the mini still is the fact that while it's a "continuation" of the Sentinels comics, it's not really a "continuation." The character changes, the plot differences (including stuff you've exposed with your initial analysis of issue #1's sneak preview pages), etc. make for a bit of a disjointed experience. For hardcore fans, it's not that bad. But still, I wish there would have been a way to tie it all together in a neater package...

    That's all I have. J, let's see some commentary, man! :)


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 October, 2005 21:37  

  • For the record, I'm going to blame an empty stomach for my poor intermittent sleep. I'm not going to repeat that mistake tonight. No-sir-ree ...

    Actually, Remastered & Protoculture Edition count as the same, because the two are functionally the same disc ... the fifth one is the episode from the pre-Robotech Macross dub that appears on one of the Legacy Collection extras discs ... you know ... "Soldier of warlords from deep space, MACROSS!" o_O

    God, now I've put that awful, awful song in my head. Oh well, goes with the territory, I guess.

    My only guess as to why ADV got to do the new Macross dub is because they REALLY, REALLY wanted to and asked Harmony Gold nicely. Either that or ... hmm ... no, don't want to get into the idle speculation game. Bad, bad, bad ...

    Skimming the rundown of Prelude #2 ... heh, interestingly, this is only the second time Dr. Lazlo Zand has been drawn in a Robotech comic book, and the first time was so totally different from his description in the novels that it might as well not be him, except that you look back at it now and it comes off as foreshadowing -- except for the whole "Sentinels & Prelude don't ACTUALLY line up right" thing. (If you're wondering, his previous appearance was the second issue of the Sentinels Wedding Special.)

    Can't wait to see Breetai in a kick-ass version of his Stupid Hat. As awesome as I think he is, I'm also glad they held to killing him off -- but in a vein similar to how they were leaning the Sentinels comics at the end, they twist it up a little. Someone said he was piloting some sort of Bioroid -- is that really what it was? No Z1 or Z2 Battlepods? Am I the ONLY person who actually likes those things?

    At this point, I'm just going to say, I'm going to have my big long rundown of issue #1 posted before I have to start on #2. Sorry, this has just been one whacked-out week so far. I might have time to deal with it tomorrow night, but coming off a four-hours-up, four-hours back bus ride that I had to get up at five a.m. for is NOT what I'd call ideal working conditions for such a meticulously detail-oriented piece of rambling fanboy nonsense, y'know?

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 19 October, 2005 23:11  

  • I believe the fifth version of Boobytrap on DVD is the ADV Anime-MINI release. Never saw it in stores, but I know it has popped up at online places like Amazon...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 October, 2005 08:30  

  • here are 6 possible versions....

    FHE Boobytrap

    Clash of the Bionoids

    The robotech "perfect" VHS series with the macross and corrosponding robotech

    Robotech 2000-2001 release

    Macross Remastered Release

    Robotech Remastered

    Am I close? Do I get my own super-deformed breetai??


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20 October, 2005 10:41  

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