Since I misplaced my Robotech Art 3 ...

I need my copy of Robotech Art 3 to move forward in annotation-land, and it's probably buried under some Sentinels comics or some boxes or something. Hm. I think I know where it is. Let me check ...

*rummage, rummage*

Oh, there it is. But it's getting late anyway, so in any case, I give you something I found in a funny little Japanese Macross book and decided to color.

Super Deformed Breetai.

Isn't he cool? I think he's cool. Look, here he is looking stunned, or maybe confused.

More joy tomorrow. Gee, I wonder if tomorrow Harmony Gold will confirm or deny the whole Shadow Chronicles in January thing we saw in the new Prelude solicit. Hmm. We'll see, eh? What do you think, SD Breetai?

Yeah, that's what I thought.


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