A tidbit in my in-box, a snatch from the Wub.

Looks like Chris Meadows of Space Station Liberty has scored big time -- on Monday, January 29, his guest is going to be Melanie MacQueen (Lisa Hayes, Marlene Rush, Marlene/Ariel in the ROBOTECH TV series). That's in two weeks, so mark your calendars. Looks like that's going to be a late one, too -- 10:00 p.m. Eastern. Sure, it's only 7:00 for those of you out there in sunny California, but geez, I'm gonna have to get up for work the next morning ...

I've got tomorrow's post all worked out in my head -- it would have been today's post, but it's getting late and I'm beat. Probably would have been one during the weekend, even, but I had something personal come up over the past couple days that kind of put me off of typing some random crap about ROBOTECH. (And this coming from a guy who eats, drinks, sleeps, and breathes ROBOTECH.) But hey, all better now. All the awful badness behind me, I charge forward anew, recharged and ready to resume providing random ROBOTECHness.

* * *

Here at CollectionDX there's a review of Toynami's current major Macross push, the 1/100 transformable Valkyrie figures. Honestly, I hadn't heard a peep on whether these things were any good or not; after reading this, I'm thinking I might have to pick up the one of Hikaru's VF-1J from the TV series.


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