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Just sent in my order for Lonely Soldier Boy, Michael Bradley's CD of recordings of tweaked and modernized new versions of his ROBOTECH songs. The Masters has put out a report that sales don't seem to be all that strong (the exact words: "Bradley is still not receiving enough sales and needs your support"), but the quotes from Michael himself in the report sound cautiously optimistic to me, such as this snippet from his response to Rhade:

The sales have been pretty good so far...but could be a lot better. I'm sure as time goes on and we keep publicizing it and reaching out to fans who may not know about it, the sales will continue.

While The Masters's opening paragraph on his report sounds very glass-half-empty, it sounds like Michael's taking the glass-half-full side of things, figuring that as the word spreads, sales will keep rolling in. Which, yeah, they should as long as ...

Say it with me, people!

As long as we continue to ...

Spread the word!

Grab a banner!

Review the CD on your blog!

Go bother people on random internet forums!

Print up some bumper stickers and slap them on all the cars in the parking lot where you work!

Make some flyers and tack them to every telephone pole you see!

Harass random strangers!

Okay, maybe some of those aren't very good ideas, but you get the point -- get the word out!

And if you haven't bought the CD yet ... what in the blue blazes are you waiting for?

To be honest, the one bit that really caught my eye in The Masters's report is the fact that Michael is considering follow-up ROBOTECH-related projects ... but only if this CD sells well. So let's make sure it does that, OK?


  • Half empty, half full; if people feel to comfortable about it, they'll just wait. I think any business would say waiting is not good, people must buy as soon as possible.

    I ordered my copy too. I guess it'll come in next week.

    By Blogger The Masters, at 16 March, 2007 07:56  

  • I dunno, I just thought it was interesting -- the contrast between your remarks, which I read as somewhat panic-stricken, and his remarks, which seemed more laid back, if a little downbeat.

    But yes, I seem to recall hearing something in my business classes about how money now is always better than money later, which is why I continue to beat the drum here.

    By Blogger Captain JLS, at 16 March, 2007 13:43  

  • My CD arrived yesterday. They're really nice renditions. Track list is as follows:

    1- In My Heart (4:11)
    2- It Don't Get Any Better (4:58)
    3- Lonely Soldier Boy (4:59)
    4- Flower of life (3:29)
    5- Underground (4:18)
    6- The Way to Love (2:46)
    7- We Will Win (3:27)
    8- Look Up The Sky is Falling (4:58)


    Lonely Soldier Boy (Demo)
    It Don't Get any better (Demo)
    Look Up The Sky is Falling (demo)

    By Blogger Fernando, at 16 March, 2007 14:54  

  • I got mine on Tuesday, and I really like it. As for how to spread the word, I'm not really sure. I don't have all the contacts I used to back in the day, but I am glad is promoting it. Now if only they would get it in their store. And really, they need to get Michael back for future Robotech projects. As popular as Yellow Dancer was, wouldn't it make sense that we'd still hear someone listening to his songs? And since we only heard a small selection of his music, it would make just as much sense to record new songs and say they were Yellow songs that were never played in there series. I mean, we know Minmei had more than 3 songs, although that is all they really played in the show! (ok, they played more than 3).

    Why should try to get this on all the fanboy sites. No better place to sell this CD than Sci-Fi/Anime fanboy sites. And what about Aint It Cool News?

    Ok, I'm just brain storming here.

    ---Admiral DMC McKeever

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 March, 2007 19:18  

  • Does anyone have a contact who works at NewType Magazine? If Micheal Bradley where to be interviewed then sales should conceivably pick up. Perhaps Robotech fandom should turn its petitioning power towards them and see what happens.

    I'm game if anyone else wants to try.


    By Blogger aaron@digitalcole, at 18 March, 2007 09:47  

  • I think Admiral DMC McKeever has a good point, about Michael being involved in other Robotech projects.

    It would be a shame not to involve him, especially with Shadow Chronicles having such a strong Mospeada/New Generation theme-- it just begs to have Yellow Dancer return!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 March, 2007 04:52  

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