Not that anyone cares, but ...

I think the second version of "We Will Win" on Lonely Soldier Boy II is my favorite version of that song ever. A little downbeat, a little hopeful -- much like the feeling you get as each of the Robotech Wars zeros in on its climax. But certainly the feelings evoked go beyond the confines of ROBOTECH; it transcends the song's origins, disconnects from the images of Minmei sashaying on that stage aboard the SDF-1. In that context, the song always seemed a little cheesy; stripped of its pop princess and full-sized band, it grows more earnest. Listening to it performed by a man with a single guitar, the struggle of the song's lyrics takes on a sense of urgency even as the singer sounds so at ease. The music seems to have a melancholic storm swirling about it, but the lyrics retain their optimistic fire. There's real power there. I love it.

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  • *sighs*
    Now I HAVE to buy it.
    (Not that I wasn't really convinced before.)

    I really need to do some Robotech ordering things anyways... I really want to get me either a stylish Mars Base mug or an SDF-1 mug.... so hard to choose!

    By Blogger Tolarin_Skylar, at 10 December, 2008 16:56  

  • CaptainJLS, now you've convinced me to order LSBII as well. While I'm at, I might as well order the first one to go along with the acoustic sequel.

    By Blogger Callie, at 11 December, 2008 10:18  

  • I completely agree with you there. "We Will Win II" is absolutely amazing. That version gives justice to the depth and power of the song it was intended to have.

    By Blogger Michael Bradley Fanclub, at 11 December, 2008 12:57  

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