Follow Me To The New Digs.

I think it's safe to say I've officially closed up digs at this location. I didn't even remember my Blogger login when I tried to get in to post this notice.


That doesn't mean I'm not out there talking about Robotech again. It just means that I'm not doing it HERE anymore. I've pulled up roots from Blogger to Wordpress, and I'm just doing all of my blogging at one spot; it's not just a Robotech blog, though at the moment I'm in one of my serious Robotech phases again, so that IS what you'll be seeing a lot of over the coming months. I'm doing the video blogging thing on YouTube again, and I'm marching my way through a scaled-down version of what I'd been doing here when I was so rudely interrupted by real life, a marathon viewing and write-up of the entire animated Robotech saga (except for The Untold Story, because SOME WOUNDS NEVER HEAL).

You can continue to follow my Robotech-related rambling at:

Hope to see you all over there!

Captain JLS, signing off ...