The Aoshima MOSPEADA toys -- reengineered from Toynami's Masterpiece Collection Alpha Fighters -- are out in Japan, and the reports aren't good.

SaveRobotech says, among other things:

Oh yeah and at one point a small hollow square plastic piece fell out of the leg, and I have no idea what it goes to.

Read his full report at MacrossWorld here.

Discussion at ToyBoxDX here (plus a picture of a MegaHouse Ride Armor w/Rey -- I was wondering which company's upcoming Ride Armor toy that was!).

And pictures -- oh, the unfortunate pictures! -- at ToysKingdom here. Especially the fifth one down. OW! Unfortunately, I've had days like that with MY high-end transformable collectible figures ...

Thanks to Roger Harkavy, The Duke of Kichijoji for the heads-up.

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Too Quiet.

I don't know how long this has been floating around out there, but the first time pal Evan and I had seen it was in the Reactor 2007 convention notice at -- it's the ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT cover art for the Shadow Chronicles: We Want All Your Money Ed-- err, Collector's Edition. Yeah, that's the ticket. If you look at the Amazon listing, it's packed with tons more pictures, including a full-color character lineup that I don't think was in the artbook, the new DVD back, the disc art, and more.

Also at the site this week, you can vote for the winners of the photo contest, and you can listen to Tommy & Carl talk about the franchise.

I'll be back later on in the week with a new Roboblog Chronicles or two.

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Shiny Goodness from an ex-Robotech comics duo.

Missed doing the second show last week; maybe it was a product of the foul mood that infected the post directly below this one, maybe I was just feeling lazy. All in all, I've not been as happy or productive as I'd like to be this foul October, and this past gloomy rain-soaked day rather matched my mood. And we've got another week or so to this morose month? Ugh.

Enough of this gloomy talk, though. Onto the point!

Rikki and Tavisha, former Robotech: Aftermath and Clone/Mordecai creators, have relaunched their website,

There, they've archived all of their net-surfing neko comedy series Reality Check, formerly published by Sirus and TokyoPop. As I recall, they started it between Clone and the one issue of Mordecai they got out before Academy shut its doors. At that point it was self-published; I wonder if they went back to Mordecai to raise some funds to continue it. Hmm. Methinks Bruce Lewis was right in suggesting I should drop 'em a line for an interview one of these days ...

Moreover, I just found out from the site that I failed to notice the release of the latest volume of their gothic fantasy Shutterbox, published by TokyoPop -- book four came out last month! Another thing to put in the ol' cart for later. *sigh*

More later.

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Grumpy Kibbles 'N' BIts.

According to Treiz, there's coverage of next month's Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles - Cash Grab -- err, I mean, Collector's Edition in the new issue of NewType USA pictured above, including art along the lines of what's been posted at lately. If anyone can scan it to let me see, it'd be appreciated; I swore off of NewType USA years ago, and I never see copies floating around sans polybag to flip thru locally.

* * *

For their latest episode, Destroy All Podcasts DX's Andrew and Jeremy decided to do a podcast commentary track for Macross: Do You Remember Love, which is almost enough to make me watch that oh-so-shiny yet vapid and soulless enterprise again. Find and snag the track here. If it's on the same level as their Southern Cross and Mospeada shows, it should be well worth listening to.

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The Roboblog Chronicles: Episode 20 - When Are You Coming Home?

Yep, I'm way late. Sorry, hit a spot of depression. Should be fine for the rest of the month, but we'll see.

Two notes on this week's first of two shows:

  • First, the fellow who asked about Nova & Marie was Tariq Mohsen, not Mohser as I said on the show. My sincerest apologies, sir.

  • Second, the Orguss discs are exclusively available through The Right Stuf if you're interested in the show.


See this?

This was on eBay last week. This is the first Matchbox-carded Lunk figure I've seen in all my years looking for ROBOTECH figures on the eBay. Most of them that you see out there in the wild are Canadian, multilingual (English & French) Irwin-carded figures. Indeed, Robotech Museum's specimen is an Irwin figure. (See here.) So is the former archive's specimen (seen here at the Super Toy Archive). So I thought a Matchbox Lunk might not even exist, but there it is.

Esoteric? Sure, but that's just the way we roll here at the Roboblog.

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Roboblog tomorrow. Meanwhile ...

Did you know the 12" Max Jenius figure from Do You Remember Love is out? Man, he looks so cool. And it looks like if you pick him up a Action HQ, you can pick up a bonus accessory pack including a creepy unappetizing fish and burner, so Hikaru can cook the fish and offer it to Misa ... well, if there was a Misa doll to go with these guys. Do they have another one of these lined up? Roy? Misa? Kakizaki? Minmei? Inquiring minds want to know ...

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