I Stole These Pictures From And I'm Not Giving Them Back.

Palladium Books will apparently be on-hand at the next stop on the Robotech Tour That Never Ends, next weekend's GenCon Indianapolis, with copies of the shiny new hardcover edition of the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles RPG book (below), and a preview of the upcoming Macross Saga sourcebook (above).

The line art of the Haydonite critter is an interesting choice for the Shadow Chronicles book (shades of the old Sentinels VHS tape Palladium released with the Invid Hellcat front and center), but somehow I find myself more drawn to the Macross Saga sourcebook, where clearly a decision was made not to make this image too far afield from the original ROBOTECH RPG cover (which you can see below):

The Skull One imagery of the new cover isn't a bold choice (though I certainly would be cackling right now if Palladium had gone with a -1J in Skull One markings, ala the classic cover), but looking at one and then the other almost gives me the feeling of looking at a flip book. The similar planetary backdrop doesn't strike me as coincidental either. The key difference is that the old book had waves of Veritech Fighters approaching behind the lead Veritech, while the new one showcases a fleet of Zentraedi vessels in its background, ready to bombard our lone RDF hero. Now that I think about it, it is strange to see no enemy units on the original RPG book cover, isn't it? Huh ...

So, yay, new ROBOTECH product. Chew slowly, gang. We're going to have to make these last for a while ...

(Actually, come to think of it, Palladium should have the second Shadow Chronicles sourcebook and the Southern Cross sourcebook in the pipeline. So if the RPG's your thing, you've got a feast coming your way.)

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They're sure as hell not being subtle about it.

Preorders for the ROBOTECH Masterpiece Collection Beta Fighter went up on today. If you visit the site, you can't miss it.

Meanwhile, I started working on the Robotech comics site again. I figure, I still don't have a job, so I might as well be doing something productive with my time ...

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