Annie got her gun. (Please don't let her use it.)

  • You know what time of year it is, right? This weekend just past was the New York Toy Fair, which means we've got oodles of photos of Beta Fighters at Toynami booth. Again. How many years has it been now, looking at photos of Beta Fighters at Toynami booths? Five? Maybe six? Oh! Plus the already-released-in-Japan-with-a-different-head Masterpiece Scott Bernard's Cyclone. The only thing that was interesting to me? Tommy's pretty full piece of art featuring Annie, Lunk, and Marlene/Ariel. Which you can see above in this photo nicked from's gallery. Flick through their gallery at your leisure here, and Altered States Magazine's gallery of Toynami ROBOTECH photos starting here.

  • Andrew and Jeremy from Destroy All Podcasts DX talk about Gregory Lane's two-issue Antarctic Press ROBOTECH mini-series Covert Ops (which turns eleven years old this year) here. And rumor has it that they're going to talk about Haruhiko Mikimoto's manga series Macross 7 Trash next.

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I swear, I'll have some things to talk about soon ...

... but for now, enjoy these links.

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Hey, do you remember that one guy?

You know, the guy who mentioned the Warner Bros./Maguire Ent. ROBOTECH live action thing? The producer guy? The one in the interview that's still linked at ROBOTECH.COM? Well, according to Anime News Network he's off the project. This leaves Akiva "sure, I wrote Batman & Robin, but I also have an Oscar, so screw you, fanboy" Goldsman and Tobey "oh god, I'm going to be playing Spider-Man for the rest of my life" Maguire as the remaining producers on the project.

Soooooo, anyone heard anything about that script the Smallville guys are working on?