If these existed, I would STRONGLY consider buying them ...

Artist "reysol" has Photoshopped up some Robotech Mighty Muggs, based on the Hasbro-produced vinyl toy-styled figures of the same name. Alas, no tangible product, though Hasbro is selling blank Mighty Muggs now, so hey, if you've got the time and the talent ...

Which got me thinking, tangentially ... Character Options in the UK has started doing their own version of Hasbro's cutesy/squat character figures (such as their Marvel "Super Hero Squad," Transformers "Robot Heroes," and so on based on whatever franchise they're associated with) for their Doctor Who license. What's stopping Toynami from doing the same for ROBOTECH? Sure, it'd be just as bandwagon-hopping as Toynami's ill-fated I-Men block figure-style guys, but this is a much better bandwagon to jump on! Am I right here, people? I'm ALWAYS tempted to buy more of Hasbro's Heroes/Squad/whatever guys. Tie that to my favorite franchise of all time and, well, Toynami would have all of MY money!

(Though like I said, Mighty Mugg-style figures? Definitely something I'd consider, too. Especially if, oh, sayyyy, they did a Breetai. Guys? Guys? Are you listening?)

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Ouchness! Maia's Shadow Fighter recalled!

Via Kevin McKeever's blog -- Toynami is recalling the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Masterpiece Collection Maia Sterling's Shadow Fighter due to quality control problems. I wonder -- would these problems be comparable to the problems folks experienced with Aoshima's release of the Masterpiece Alphas?

Funny thing is, the only reason I noticed this news was because I was looking 'round for a review of the toy. I guess this works just as well.

Click through to Kevin's blog for the full details.

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Lookie here, folks! It's the cover of next month's All New, All Different Robotech Masters RPG sourcebook!

I'm sure some of you have already seen it -- it looks like it first appeared in a Palladium press release from Jan. 9 (see it here) -- but I'm also sure a lot of you are like me and have let this completely slip by.

The new Masters sourcebook ships in just shy of a month, February 16.

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Tripped over on the YouTube


Pretty good quality, too.

A more right & proper first post of the new year will be coming later this week.

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