Lonely Soldier Boy II up for preorder!

Available December 1, pre-order it NOW at the newly redesigned Michael Bradley Music website! This CD will feature acoustic versions of the classic Robotech: The New Generation and Robotech: The Untold Story songs, plus it sounds like there will be a few new odds and ends along the same lines as the original demo recordings that were included on the first CD.

Michael Bradley talks about the CD on his MySpace blog here.

Can't wait to give this one a spin.

(Thanks to both Vivian and Treiz for shooting me an e-mail to give me the heads-up.)

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Producer Chuck Roven: "I'm hopeful that Robotech will start shooting sometime next year."

ROBOTECH live action movie producer Chuck Roven talks to about the film in this video snippet from the Spike TV's Scream 2008 Awards.

Here's all I really took away from this, personally ...

Since Roven said they want to start shooting next year, if Tobey Maguire's shooting two Spider-Man movies for Sony in the very near future (one of which will certainly come out in the same summer as ROBOTECH), I'm thinking he may have to pass on playing Rick Hunter, or any other possible lead role.

Thoughts, gang?

(Thanks to pal/roommate Evan Cass for the link.)

(Also, I would've used a less totally generic pic, but I couldn't find one I liked, and the video wasn't cooperating when I wanted to take a screen grab.)

Late morning update: Hm, then again, Sam Raimi apparently told MTV last week about the next Spidey flick, "I don't have a script yet, but production would start probably by March of 2010, I'm guessing." (Emphasis mine, see here, link via The Comic Reel @ Comic Book Resources.) If ROBOTECH remains on track to start shooting in '09, as Roven suggests, I guess Maguire could yet hop into that big-screen Veritech Fighter cockpit before putting the red & blue webbed tights again. The earliest reports on the next Spider-Man movies suggested they might start filming in Fall '09.



Three for Tuesday.

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Evan is going to have to start saving his pennies.

Yesterday, while I was putting together my little linky-link post, friend/roommate/former-Emissaries-&-Robotech Roundtable-guy Evan caught a glimpse of the pics of Yamato's 1/60 Tomahawk figure as I was copying down the URL for the link. As I said, lovely figure, it's on my must-buy list along with the MegaHouse version of Lancer's Cyclone.

As I was continuing to admire the detailing of the Tomahawk in the pics, Evan started getting all wistful about the Defender/Raidar X/Rifleman. He walked over to his bookshelf, pulled down his little die-cast one, started talking about back when he had the old Matchbox one when he was a kid and how his dad put together this giant Battletech map to scale with the Matchbox Destroids and all the memories attached to that mecha. Point being, dude's got a soft spot for that design. Loves it.

Evan, this link is for YOU.

This one's gonna be about a hundred bucks (9,800 yen), like the Tomahawk, and it's coming out in December. Maybe I could get it for you for Christmas, if I'm not penniless by then?

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Bitty bits.

  • A Japanese-language review of Yamato's 1/60 Destroid Tomahawk. Can't read it myself, but good god, the photos! What an awesome-looking toy.

  • Collection DX's Leonardo Flores reflects on the completion of his VF-1D kit from Revell's Robotech Defenders line. Wish I could do work like that.

  • Tam from anime retailer Twin Moons Anime complains about the Masterpiece Collection Cyclone price jump, in the context of having to cancel all the pre-orders since it's an over one hundred percent price jump. Mind you, as you and I know, it's now a completely different toy (you did know that, right?), but I wonder if Toynami's kept their retail partners in the loop about all this. It doesn't sound like they have ...

  • Ain't It Cool News reports that the Macross Frontier movie is probably going to be a DYRL-style reimagining of the TV series story (by way of Famitsu magazine). So sorry, folks -- no further resolution.

  • And finally, it's not exactly ROBOTECH news, but friend-of-the-Roboblog Roger Harkavy writes in to tell us that ROBOTECH Producer Carl Macek has a new book out. (Actually, it looks like it's been out since the end of July, but this is the first I've heard of it.) War Eagles is a novel based on a story by King Kong creator Merian C. Cooper, which he intended to be a follow-up to Kong. Looks like frequent Roboblog commenter Treiz liked it, so it's probably worth a look.

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Destroy All Podcasts Talks Macross Frontier.

While I've been busy sleeping a lot and being depressed, Andrew, Jeremy, and Anime World Order's Daryl Surat have apparently watched Macross Frontier. This link will take you to the first part of a two-part discussion of that show. No, I haven't listened to it. I probably won't unless and until I sit down and watch the damned show for myself. (Right now I'm on the fence about it; Levi said the final episode was actually pretty interesting, but I don't know if I want to sit through that rough first half to get there.)

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The Masterpiece Cyclone is Two Hundred Dollars.

It is also available for preorder at

Considering the fact that I haven't bothered to shell out the less-than-half-that-price it would cost to snap up a MegaHouse Yellow/Lancer Mospeada figure + bike, which I so greatly desire, I don't think I'll be buying one of these suckers. (Also considering I'm still unemployed, let's make that doubly unlikely.)

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